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Pin Up photography @ The Cream Lounge

So! you have been thinking about a boudoir shoot a lot lately? I even found out it's on the to-do list for a bride to be on all those magazines and books to keep you organized. Oh the pressure.

Well fret no more, this package is for the women that want a boudoir experience without the naked and with a great coach to boot.
Laura Furtado from Divagirl actually tells you exactly what to do. All twisty and sexy. And now we have this incredible backdrop to use, the Cream Lounge on King st. It is sooo pretty. Like if I didn't live with 2 boys, 2 dogs and a cat that is how my place would look like. French and expensive. AND LEOPARD PRINT! drool.

Your “Teaser” Package Includes:
  • Pin-Up Lashes and bright lipstick (red or pink)
  • Boudoir photo-shoot with the accomplished Marlen James and/or assistants (20 mins)
  • Customized modeling tips and coaching from Owner of DivaGirl, Laura Furtado
  • High res FTP link of all images
  • 10 edited enhanced pics for future printing
  • Rate: $125
Time: Slots are available from 11AM-4PM (booked in 1/2 hour slots)
Location: Cream Lounge
589 King Street West, Toronto, ON

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Valentine's Boudoir Roundup

I am not sure but this post get's a lot of hits, so I am updating it.

Valentine's is a funny holiday to me, it's cold here in Canada, we are poor after the holidays and if you want to go out on that day there is a lineup and "special" set menus.  I like to celebrate it with Netflix and chill and maybe some nice wine. But I also like that this holiday is an excuse to get naked!

It's the perfect excuse for those that have been meaning to do a shoot but haven't dared. I like that. And it celebrates love! Even my jaded self can admire that.

Planning your Valentines Shoot

  • Start early, and by early I mean we have to do this in January sadly. By the time February rolls around there is hardly any time for me to print a book and do all the things! Usually, it is at least 10 days before, and that is cutting it close. 
  • Take advantage of all the January sales of lingerie! Avoid the valentine stuff because that will be regular price, but the red Christmas stuff? bring it! as long as there is no Santa thing you are good.
  • Cold weather is also a good excuse to get a spray tan, go with Jen at - more tips here
  • Get naked!

And some of my old images circa 2012 for #tbt purposes :)

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How to do your own boudoir shoot with an iPhone

Inspired by my popular post "how to shoot your own boudoir photos" and this picture which title is:
"NUMBER ONE USE OF CAMERA PHONES THESE DAYS" (Get naked and take pictures)

Yes, we have all done it. Good thing we are not famous- yet.
Now this post is about how to take your iPhone naked pictures to the next level. Here is my attempt to eradicate those pictures taken in the washroom mirror - the horror.
Fine. I can't eradicate them for good since we still have to take a picture of the outfit we are wearing that day and post it on Facebook.

But for sexy pictures in your underwear- Please use this.

Here I go again, shaving the winter fuzz for you people. (Hi everybody at my day job- it's ok they are used to me wearing crazy things)

1: Get your room ready. 
My room does not look like this every day. Everything goes into the closet and the catch-all drawers.


TIMER: Now the timer is included, no more extra apps. Set it up to Time Lapse Option so you have some time to move around. Make sure you have enough memory. Back up your other photos.

Thank goodness for push up bras. Aren't they awesome? And my Batman undies. I nerded out for this shoot. Tips on what to wear are here.
Makeup. Pile it on.  Tamang Phan has some awesome tutorials. This one she creates a Victoria Secret model look. She can do anything.

All right here you go, it is easier when no one is looking :). And you are actually looking at yourself in the iPhone so it helps. If you are shooting video set your iPhone horizontally - but for photos vertically it's ok.
So start the goofiness. Use props. More tips on what to do click here Just remember, you are on your knees here so move around. Go on all fours. You can think of something :P

5: EDITING: There are tons out there. I have to say I love Instagram but that is a sharing service and unless you want to share your pictures to the world keep them private. The advantage is that you could actually print a Blurb book with them. 
I downloaded a couple to try out. My faves so far have been Adobe Photoshop Express and King Camera. They both let me lighten the picture. I like light! 100 cameras also has some nifty filters. All of these are compatible with instagram as well. It's a conspiracy.

Photos taken with iPhone 4.

What not to do:
besides losing your iPhone with all those pictures- or sending them to a  jerk
All I see is the toilet. I think I am too straight. Nice collection of - hmm, crap on the floor-
Almost... good try, the darn toilet paper got in the way. Push that tush.
I love the water bottle there. Very Austin Powers
So if you must... this is a good example. Almost no crap and all you see is boobs. It's purpose is to tease. If you ever break up - there is no face! just awesome boobs.
And this one, you got a tattoo. Good excuse to take one as soon as you get home. You could have moved the fan a teensy bit.

And also points for clean mirrors! Anyway- hope you get the self-timer app and start having fun without holding your phone. Send me some samples. I'm curious.

And lastly, do not forget to remove the photos from your phone, back them up your computer.
Do not leave on your phone! You never know where those pictures might end up.

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