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Boudoir photographer in front of the camera

so, there comes a time every now and then, that my self-timer is not enough, and the stars align perfectly for me to be the photographed instead of the photographer. Usually once a year. And usually because of networking. Fancy that. Twitter and Model Mayhem do work.

I pretend that I actually listen to my own advice. Keeps me grounded too. Staring into a lens and bringing the sexy out is kinda hard, and sometimes the results are pretty lame.
But once in a while, oh la-la, the angle just works, the light hits the right spot and the editing gets rid of the two zits on my forehead and the multiple sun spots and ta-da!
I almost look famous 

I like that one of my eyebrows is kinda messy ( like normal).  And I am debating the possibility of me going around with my mouth like that, not closing it e-v-e-r.

Interesting effect about having a great picture- makes you feel good... and a lot of my facebook friends liked it, keeping it for a while, want to send it to a couple of ex-boyfriends... ha
in colour! 
I do have the liquid eyeliner down to a science I think.
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Tips for your Pin Up Photography Session and update

So hi, about time I updated my website with more pin up stuff! So ta-da! : New packages for pin up shoots. 

The main difference between boudoir and pinup is the amount of retouching. While the boudoir is more natural, sexy look, pinup is glossy and everything from skin to the hair is touched up. This package does include hair styling just to get the hair right :)

+ Prepare your outfits carefully. From fully dressed to underwear. Make sure everything goes. For example bring a fifties looking dress, with the lingerie stockings and shoes. We will take pictures of the whole outfit and go from there.

+ Choose a theme.

  • Fifties pin-up or sixties for that matter
  • sailor, military (police or anything uniform) cowgirl
  • sexy secretary (or sexy librarian)
  • playboy bunny
  • singer (like jessica rabbit?) Sexy long dress
  • housewife (sexy dress, apron) - or nightie 
  • beach (bathing suit, sunglasses, hat)

or anything really. Get inspired by researching pin up photos and my absolute hero: Alberto Vargas. Dust of those slutty Halloween costumes.

+ Practice your posing. This is the time to let it all out. Go as out there as you can. Always point your toes and keep your hands busy. More posing tips here.
+ Plan what you want. In this kind of shoot, it's better to plan ahead as much as possible. Depending on your package you can choose between having two outfits or unlimited to plan a calendar. Wouldn't that be nifty? have your own pinup calendar? Plan your outfits per month in this case.
+ Bring props! Backgrounds available are pink, red, striped red (kinda circus-like), black and white. Will add more as we go.

 Below is a sample of the retouching. Who else but me is brave enough to show a before and after picture. The things I do for you people. What also works here is the pose.  No need to tuck the waist since the arm does the job of covering it AND pushing boobs together. Dang it, I forgot to do my nails.

the before- leaving it little, but you get the idea.
Skin, makeup, and background gets the photoshopping.

err, my boobs look huge! They no not look like that on real life. The combination of the top and the arm.  On that note, check the gallery here.

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Inspiration : Jane Fonda

I am digging the sixties hair and make up
I will blog more, and on that note I am (hoping!) to write a weekly inspiration article.

I should have started with Dita. Or Betty Page. But I met Jane Fonda at a Globe and Mail event so I am starting with her.  Me and the sister went to her book signing this last week (thanks to ex-boyfriend who hook us up- pays to be friends). And here I have her new book "Prime Time" about love, health, fitness and sex into your nineties (!). She is 73. She looks great! And she made jokes about having her knee replaced so she can still go on her knees. BJ jokes! I want to be like her when I am 73. But I have a nagging suspicion I am going to be way dirtier and a bit poorer.
we got there too late to get good seats

What image of Jane Fonda comes to you when you think of her. For me- it was barbarella - yeah old for me but I saw it because of the pin up inspiration- and who am I kidding- the corny way they had an excuse to rip her outfits (by Paco Rabane by the way- did you know that? I didn't). My sisters? the JLo movie Monster inlaw. Another  friend? The eighties aerobics. Regardless of your image of her- from her rather controversial political views, to the lycra clad aerobics that your mom use to try to do (depending how old you are- you might have tried them too). I enjoyed her presentation, will read the book and liked the images I found on the internets. I think a sixties inspired shoot is in order.

nice pose- love the thigh high boots
you don't know where that gun has been
interesting how a sweater can be sexy
she still does side boob!
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